TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE Toni has been working internationally for more than 25 years as an Executive Coach, a Consultant, Trainer, and Facilitator For more than fifteen years Toni has been part of the leadership team of a global consulting company. Toni managed a team of 35 trainers and executive coaches and was responsible for trainer development and delivery quality. He has been involved in instructional design and has developed a number of training programs such as “Leading in Challenging Times”, “Working in Virtual Teams”, “Leading through a Matrix Organization”, “Focused Thinking Presentation Skills”, and “Think Tank”. He successfully assisted senior leadership teams as they navigated through major turbulent change processes and challenging mergers. He has designed powerful processes to support the effective integration of new business units, people, cultures, and business strategies. Toni has lived in different parts of the world, including India, Italy, and the US. He is experienced in working with a broad range of cultures. COACHING EXPERIENCE AND APPROACH He has accompanied many leaders as they developed to leading functions positions and above. Toni’s work supports them to strengthen and expanding their personal and professional excellence, to lead with greater purpose, passion, and authenticity. Among the specific skills that he has helped senior leaders to further develop are: Public Appearances & Keynote Speaking; Developing an International Mindset; Inclusive Communication Skills; Resilience & Autonomy; Balance in Life & Handling Stress; Organizational ‘Savviness’; Emotional Intelligence & Influencing Skills, Personal Effectiveness, Outplacement Assistance, and Strategic Alignment. Toni designs effective leadership programs combining training with individual & team coaching. His coaching approach enhances the self-awareness and capacities of dedicated individuals to lead, innovate and transform themselves, their organizations, and those they lead. To strengthen the connection of the individual to their essential qualities and inner recourses, Toni coaches the whole person, body, mind, and spirit. Any challenge we confront and struggle with within our business lives requires an understanding of who we are in our entirety. His coaching focuses on becoming conscious of our full potential, how we relate, and what is driving our behavior. Only when we see and understand our patterns, our motivation, and our resistance to change, we will be able to do things differently going forward and take actions that are congruent with what is important to us. Toni follows the ethical standards of the International Coaching Federation.

  • Phone Number: +491795975304
  • E-mail:
  • Expertises(s): Organizational developement, Process, Project & Change Management, Strategy, Management & Innovation, Leadership & Softskills, Sustainability & Future Science, Management & Leadership, Presentation & Moderation
  • Branche(s): Automotive, Consulting, Education, Medizin & Pharm., Finance, Logistics, Mechanical engineering industry, Telecom, Industry, Utilities, Transportation, Technology, Clothing industry
  • Target Group(s): Young professinals, Professional, Specialist, Freelancer, Team leader, Manager, Vice President, CEO, Board of directors

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