Our tailor-made trainings for your company.

To ensure your employees are up to date and your business remains successful, tailor-made training is the key to success!
Our experienced network partners have the expertise and teaching skills to train your staff in the relevant areas. Whether on-site or online, we adapt to your needs.
By tailoring our training courses, we ensure that your employees gain exactly the knowledge that is important for your business and its development. We also take into account existing knowledge and address individual needs.
Invest in the training of your employees and ensure the success of your business. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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Customised solutions for your company.

Our training is designed to make your people fit for the challenges of today and tomorrow.
We work closely with you to ensure that the training is tailored to your individual needs.


The analysis phase is the first step in designing a bespoke training solution. The needs and requirements of the organisation are identified and assessed. If required, target group surveys and employee interviews can be conducted to determine the company's needs and goals.

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Realisation - digital or on site.

The delivery of training is a key part of the approach. We rely on experienced trainers who have specific knowledge and expertise in the transfer of knowledge. A variety of methods and media are used to deliver the training in a practical and clear way.


After implementation, the training is evaluated. Successes and failures are analysed in order to optimise and improve the approach where necessary. This ensures that the company's training continues to meet the needs and requirements of the company and its employees.
As we offer the products of our network partners as a platform, we at scio.zone take care of the initial contact, the selection of network partners, the preparation of offers and the analysis of training needs. Our network partners are your contacts for the implementation. Evaluation, participant management and invoicing are handled by scio.zone.

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Courses & Programmes

Offering courses and programmes is a sensible and important way to meet the increasing demands of professional life and to develop professionally. Especially in times of technological progress and digital transformation, it is important to continuously acquire new knowledge and expand one's skills.
Programmes are longer-term educational activities. They are characterised by individual learning and personal support from the network partners.
The combination of theoretical training sessions and practical application in the day-to-day work environment will ensure that what is learnt is consolidated and successfully put into practice. Coaching supports the transfer.


Coaching can provide valuable support for personal and professional development. A professional coach can help define individual goals, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies to achieve those goals. Whether it is career development, a better work-life balance or improving interpersonal relationships, coaching can help to broaden perspectives and find new approaches to solutions.
Coaching supports the transfer to everyday life. Coaching is included in some of our courses. In others, coaching can be booked separately. Ask us if you need coaching.

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