In this section you will find frequently asked questions.

Basically, can be reached 7/24 at: +49 721 276608-00. Our core working hours are Mon - Fri: 09:00 am to 05:00 pm. You can email us your concerns at any time: and arrange phone calls with us. We look forward to hearing your questions and concerns. has been around as a start up since July 2020. The people behind have decades of experience in adult education, corporate training, training and train the trainer. They have decided that a new time, needs new approaches. Thus, a worldwide trainer network is created, where trainers, consultants and coaches can market and conduct their seminars and educational measures via the platform. is the fulfillment service provider in the background.

Above the "add to cart" button you will find the option to enter a quantity. With this you put the seminar/product in the desired quantity into the shopping cart. After completing the purchase, you will see all purchased products under "my purchases" in the login area. Please note that when you place your first order on account, please contact us to have the invoice function activated.

1. In your "personal learning environment", you will see all the information about the products you have purchased for yourself.

2. In the folder "my purchases" you can see all the products you have purchased for others. If you click on a product there you have the possibility to assign the product directly to the participants with the "distribute" button. You press the button and you can enter email addresses. The participants who are already registered on the platform have their product immediately in their personal learning environment. The participants who are not registered yet will receive an invitation to register and then the seminar can be handed over.

Basically, at the moment, payment can be made via invoice, credit card and SEPA. Subscriptions that are debited monthly can be purchased via credit card and SEPA.
For companies that prefer an invoice, you will find a Buy by invoice button in the shopping cart. Contact us. We at will briefly check your request at the first order and then you can conveniently pay by invoice.

As a network, we are committed to ensuring that your training is profitable for you personally and for your employer. Our general cancellation deadlines can be found in the General Terms and Conditions. In times of viruses, however, we try to react very flexibly and also conduct seminars - where possible - with a small number of participants. Please contact us.

In the case of face-to-face seminars, adheres to the Corona regulations of the respective federal states or countries. However, we already plan face-to-face seminars in such a way that they take place in the summer months when there is less infection. has its own streaming platform built and developed on the BigBlueButton technology of the University of Leipzig. DSGVO compliant and usable on computers and mobile devices like smartphones without complicated software installation. Before the webinar or online seminar, a test room link will be sent to you. This allows you to test whether your company firewall allows the room. Shortly before the training, the training link will be sent to you separately.

Participants are sent a link for the streaming software shortly before the seminar, the software is browser-based, so nothing needs to be downloaded. Participants go into the room via Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari, enter their name (for recognition by the trainer) and are let into the virtual training room. With the link, the participant receives a small guide in which the login is described again. And if it should not work, we are directly available for support.

For online training we recommend a headset and a laptop camera or external webcam.

We recommend comfortable clothing and a comfortable desk chair, enough water, a pen and something to write with. You will need an undisturbed place. During the day we recommend to use the breaks actively, a short walk will clear your head. But don't worry our seminars are designed for learning. We do not offer full-day online seminars - online learning must take place in modules so that it is brain-friendly.

Your personal learning environment is the place where you find everything about the product/seminar. If there are seminar documents, lecture notes or meeting minutesc for the training, you will find them directly in your learning environment. You select the seminar with a mouse click and receive the materials for download under the menu item "Section".
Sometimes the documents are only available afterwards. Your trainer will inform you about this.

In case you forget when your seminar takes place, log into your personal learning environment, click on the selected product and you will see a date or a series of dates highlighted in red, this is the event date you ordered.

There is no general statement on this, because each seminar has different conditions. Click on the seminar in the shop and then on program. There you will find the duration, the minimum and maximum number of participants and the program notes. For face-to-face seminars, you will also find the seminar location or the city in which the seminar will take place.

In case of an onsite training, then the seminar rate includes (beverages, catering during breaks and lunch) and the room fee. Accommodation, dinner (if not listed separately) and travel are not included in the price.

Generally, such an educational offering is structured in a learning management software/app. After booking, you will receive a personalized link that will be available to you for the duration of the course. You can then learn directly in the learning management software/app. We use different learning management software depending on the network partner. Always the most suitable and best according to the learning offer. Backed by our deep experience in education.

1. Every seminar can also be booked in-house.

2. Ask us if you have a need for specific topics, we will be happy to scout trainers and topics for you. And evaluate experience, competence and quality.

3. Ask us, if you have international needs. thinks international, because expertise is everywhere and so is the need for training.

4. You have a need for an internal or external academy or for participant management? Just give us a call and we will be happy to present our expansion options.

5. If you are interested in becoming a sparring partner, we love customer feedback.