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In times of digital transformation, VUCA and profound changes in business models, networks and platforms play an increasingly important role. But only those who know how to use them sustainably will be able to turn their true power into exponential benefits. Harness the power of modern networks and benefit from the community of many. Whether it is through the marketing power of our platform or through the enrichment of your themes with those of our partners. There are no limits to creativity and the development of innovative business models: For you as a trainer with modern learning technologies, or by setting up your own academy with other trainers and partners who also use our platform.

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Create your own Shop!

Create your own academy and your own brand. Whether with simple online trainings, face-to-face events, eBooks or blended learning. is your competent platform and solution provider. Our services such as shop creation, ticketing and booking as well as invoicing of your participants are done by our fully automated technology platform. So you can focus on your expertise as a trainer, coach, consultant or author. We do the fulfilment for you. And you benefit directly from the enrolment fees: Because you set them.

Shaping the future of training!

At we see ourselves as a network. We believe that we can achieve more together than alone. If everyone builds their own shop and markets themselves, it costs a lot of energy, time and money. If we present ourselves and advertise together, we have a different effect on the market. Everyone seems bigger because together we can offer our customers a variety of products that we could not offer alone. And yet no one loses their profile, because everyone is clearly positioned with their own business.

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1. Signing up is easy, just click on the Become a Trainer button and get started.

2. Get to know each other personally
We want to get to know our network partners, so we focus on a personal dialogue. We want to understand your expertise and training experience. We also look at the issues. Another building block is an agreement that puts our collaboration on a solid footing.

3. Seminars, Programs and Qualifications
Do you have a portfolio of existing seminar topics that you would like to offer as online training, enriched with methodologically and didactically valuable and innovative formats and technologies? Whether it's a simple combination with e-books and videos or blended learning with face-to-face events?
Ebooks, podcasts, live online training and more. The programme should be designed to meet the needs of businesses, which are now more diverse than ever. That's why we're Network! The shop software helps us with marketing, it is self-explanatory, but there is also an introductory video to get to know the environment. And if something doesn't work, we're there to help.

4. Support Guaranteed
Questions about wording and formats, no problem, we are happy to advise. Advertising support included, we help with the complete fulfilment.

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The benefits at a glance!

Stronger together

Creating programmes as a team of trainers

Show competence together! Then take advantage of joint marketing. The combined power of experts for your clients.