It is your corporate academy. And the one for your employees. And also for your customers. As you like.

Build your own internal academy. Efficient, resource-saving and easy-to-use. Your employees benefit from a simple learning management system. And your HR department can individually approve budgets for training and courses - including trainer and participant administration. You can use training offers of the network partners or set up internal, self-developed offers. You decide yourself whether your academy or only certain training offers with your services are also visible to the outside, e.g. for customers or sales partners, or not - according to your individual needs.

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Digitization: one of the greatest challenges of our time

Manual work, excessive division of labor, and unstructured administration are time wasters, which keep us away from the really important things, and can have a negative impact on work motivation. In order to master the immense challenges in times of digitization and digital transformation, we need good learning ecosystems. Learning of the future is multi-variant. There is no one-fits-all. Individuals learn from their own motives, intrinsically motivated, and want to continue their education where they really need it and where they see a sense of purpose. This calls for a learning ecosystem in which learning formats can be interwoven. Flexible and adaptive. And learning opportunities that can be lived in a self-directed way. Highly motivating. Highly individual. Just the way people are.

Designing your continuing education digitally offers companies and organizations their own learning infrastructure. In the existing participant management system employees can select suitable continuing education formats that are offered purely within the company. But not only that. External, so-called open offerings can also be included in the selection. The respective training can be appropriately broken down and invoiced via our technical fulfillment platform in accordance with your individual company guidelines and structures.

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Everything in one place: also technologically

Take advantage of's technological ecosystem. In addition to automated participant management, we offer an LMS (Learning Management System), streaming software and much more to make your employees' individual learning journey as appropriate and engaging as possible. Even when it's about virtual worlds in the Metaverse. Contact us.

You have questions - we are ready to help.

We are convinced that the networking of knowledge, learning process, people and technology releases undreamt-of potential, creates creative spaces and has a motivating effect. Let us talk. We are happy to advise you on which solution is right for your company - see for yourself our wide range of topics and formats. And our professional competence.

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